lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

A Letter to Mauro, de Raphael Krause

Welcome Mauro, our new friend!

You will see that life on earth is really a joyful thing, although it can be a challenge sometimes.
You have been choosing your parents very wisely. They will give you all their love and share their values and experience with you. That is the best base you can have and the most desirable start to find your own path in life.

Your father will teach you everything from philosophy to soccer playing (although you will probably soon beat him in soccer playing...). Your mother will give you guidance about rules and frameworks of our society and about the rewards of learning and working hard. Most importantly, both your parents will as well show you what it means to relax, enjoy life and take some things not too serious - some very important aspects of life.

When you grow up, don´t be angry with your mum when sometimes she loves you just a little too much or tends to be overprotective. That is just how mums are. She wants to do everything right and you are the most precious thing in her life.

The country you live in will offer you many outstanding things - blue sky, beautiful women, good meat and wine (once you grew-up a little bit), but most of all it will teach you how to improvise - which is a gift, because life can change quickly and unexpected.

Your parents have many good friends all over the world, so discovering life around the globe will be easy for you. Use this gift wisely. Try to experience as many cultures and regions of our planet as you can. Our doors will always be open for you.

Although we might not be able to see you too often, as we currently live far away from you, we will always follow your path from a distance.

All the best,

Lucia, Bettina & Raphael

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