lunes, 2 de junio de 2014


According to the Laws of Probability
There shouldn't be an encounter.
Like wavelenghts in different frequencies
That are never determined to meet,
Not in this time nor in this sample space.

And so it happened,
As an ambiguity,
As in Kantor's infinites,
In Quantum theories,
Bouncing particles,
Freed from time/space registry.

Like that tangential light clashing those eyebrows,
The ones she disliked,
Offering arrays of colors
Against a white background,
Captured with digital clicks:

She bears no clumsiness but shies out.
She knows her beauty
But seems to fade by fate,
Or by the electrical sequence of undisturbed pixels
That will create that image, in seconds,
To survive ages as an evidence of the moment.

She pursues a career,
As any intelligent woman would,
Certain of incertanties,
In times of no public spirit,
Of guerrilas without a project.

I dare to ask, and ask,
Distilling curiosity.
I offer a flatter about her hair.
A metaphoric machine gun
For words and ideas
That are still bubbling in a young soul.

She carries an urgency to fly
as young birds and refugees.

I have been there, I said to myself,
I have seen it, and I dare to confirm,
With pure kindness, as atoms' subparticles
Avoid inevitable collisions.

Clouds open for the sun's observations
As the afternoon finds its way into night,
As words find their way into truthfulness,
Admitting complexes and flaws of the heart.

So we sometime hurt others.

Though our minds beg for forgiveness,
Remembrances of a frozen past
With eyes that were left behind,
In parallel universes,

As sentiments sediments themselves
Like buried cities with layers of population
That left their stains in search for Hapiness.

The undisputed feeling: a smile, a laughter.
Far away now is too close to forget.

And she dashes away.
And news about Crimea rushes to unease
Stabilities, geopolitical boundaries,
A war from the past reflecting and disturbing once again
The Black Sea waters.

                                                                                          Buenos Aires, 27/02/2014

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